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Causes of the War and Major Battles

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  • The Vietnam War was fought because North Vietnam was a communist country
  • The US agreed with the "domino theory-that if one Southeast Asian land fell to communism, its neighbors would fall as well." (World History The Modern Era)
  • When North Vietnam became communist, South Vietnam became furious and Vietnam started their own Civil War.
  • Because the United States agreed with the domino theory, they had to step in and help South Vietnam win in the war.
  • Dien Bien Phu was the battlesite in which the Vietminh defeated France, which forced the French to ask for a cease-fire and, exit Vietnam.
  • TET was the religious holiday when there was supposed to be no fighting going on. But there ended up being twenty-six days of straight fighting (Viet Cong and the US) where there were thousands of casualties.
  • The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution "gave the president broad war powers. In March 1965 Johnson sent the first ground troops to Vietnam. (World History The Modern Era)

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